Tom Daley sex tape leaked

Tom Daley Sex Tape Leaked!

Tom Daley, the toned pretty boy from Rio 2016 is the latest victim of leaked sex tape!  Tom is a recognizable face from the Olympics swimming competition (what a body!!) — and he’s also known for dating the popular Dustin Lance Black, a much older Oscar winning screenwriter.  The two are getting married soon, but before the Olympics, the couple is reported to have taken a seven month break… and that’s when the leaked Tom Daley sex tape saga occurred.

Remember this guy?

Tom Daley Rio abs
This guy can pack some heat into that speedo!!


Tom Daley no pants in bed pensive
Hello, Tom 🙂

Tom says he’s admitted to the relationship, and the two seem to be moving forward in their marriage… but none-the-less, there is now a video of Tom in his underwear stripping down naked… check it out on page 2!

Tom Daley in bed

Daley came out in late 2013 via a YouTube video, but has since identified as bisexual.  He won bronze in the 10 meter synchronized diving competition in Rio… but really — his toned body is what everyone remembers!

Tom Daley sex tape video in black underwear

Page 2 > Watch the video (18+)

Here are a few hot photos of Tom to refresh your memory!!!

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