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Joel Dommett Sex Tape Leaked From Skype!

When the popular show, I’m a Celebrity… came up with this task to streak in a jungle; viewers expected some reticence from the Skins star, Joel Dommett. With good reason. Not everyone has forgotten the infamous Joel Dommett sex tape leaked online and the predictable scandal that followed.


Joel, 30, was shocked beyond words when a leaked clip of him baring all and masturbating went viral. Though utterly humiliated and traumatized by the incident, he never made wild claims of the video being forged or morphed. He admitted it was a tad stupid of him. Ah, we all love an honest and forthright celebrity, don’t we?


Apparently, he was catfished by this girl who invited him for a Skype sex session and he didn’t have to think about if for long. He found the girl (the display pic) smoking hot and hey, what harm can it do? Well, as we know he found out the hard way…

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You want me to what??

The lady told him she didn’t have a mic and they could rely on plain visuals. This time, he didn’t think twice before agreeing to it. So he sat as close up to the web cam as he could and gave quite a few R-rated performances. She had a good reason. Perhaps the Voice Changer Software wasn’t widely in use then.

Joel must have enjoyed the experience that he tried to get in touch with ‘her’ repeatedly. She simply vanished off the face of Internet. Three years later, voila, his sex tape was leaked online and of course went viral. Quite a distressing experience, one can imagine.

Our favorite comedian has proved that he’s a tough one and as cool as a cucumber. Not only did he refuse to shy away from the situation, he also took the next best course of action: filing a complaint with the police. It is another matter that the police seemed to treat the whole thing as a joke though.

As it turned out, he was not having sex on Skype. Rather, someone was simply watching him masturbating. In his own words, “Like a perverted Goggle Box.

joel dommett naked stroking

Joel later found out that an imposter had hacked into some lady’s inactive Skype account and he is sure he must only be one of the victims. He managed to trace the original owner of the ID with the help of Cyber Cell.

You won’t believe what happened afterwards. Our guy and the lady (not the fake one, mind you) actually bonded over this incident and eventually started dating. Sadly, the romance did sizzle out after a while. The impractical joker was yet again proved nothing is impractical to him.

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Joel Dommett Masturbation Video

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