Ryan Gosling BJ

Ryan Gosling Takes It All Off And Gets Nude

After The Notebook became a hollywood hit, Ryan Thomas Gosling became one of the most sought after celebrity hotties ever! This guy knows how to get the attention of the audience when he strips down and gets nude – it’s a fantastic sight. He is known to not be afraid of the camera when filming naughty scenes – he knows he’s a major hunk and we love him for that.

This handsome man started at a child star in the Mickey Mouse club and he’s had many other films since then, but acting isn’t the only thing this babe can do. He also films, is a screenwriter, and plays in a band called Dead Man’s Bones, which released an album back in 2009. He is also the husband to the sexy Eva Mendes and made a gorgeous baby with her.

As if Ryan Gosling could get any better, he also donates a lot of his time and money to charity. He is a supporter of PETA, Enough Project, Invisible Children, and many more. He’s been known to travel to Congo and raise awareness on the conflicts and issues over there.

This sexy beast of a man has out of this world looks and we certainly cannot get enough of him! Eva Mendez is one lucky bitch!

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