Hugh Jackman Bares His Ass For The Camera

A real Sidney boy born and bred in Australia, Hugh Jackman – mostly known for his ongoing super hero character Wolverine — is well-known internationally for his brilliant acting skills in both theatre and cinema. He is a popular among lists such as “The 50 Most Beautiful People in the World” and “Sexiest man alive” for his casually handsome looks and tall muscular physique. He is also known for his singing and dancing skills, especially because of his experience as a theatre actor in which all these performing skills are used. Altogether with his entertainment skills and the rugged handsome looks, Jackman has been an A-lister in Hollywood for decades by now.

As for any popular and good looking actor in Hollywood, Jackman has his share of scandals as well. Since his marriage to Deborra-Lee Furness back in 1996, he has always had a clean record when it comes to affairs, which many actors cannot boast in this particular industry. However, there were some scandals going through internet tying Jackman’s name to the fellow actress Anne Hathaway, after their huge success in Les Miserables movie. In earlier days of his career there were rumors about him and the fellow Australian actress Nicole Kidman as well. There were news about his homosexual tendencies which again was proved to be false. The biggest scandal so far was that his nude pictures were released to the internet through a major hack, however, the pictures were later proven to be edited through a software.

This ever handsome actor’s fit and muscular physical appearance has always made headlines for decades. However, there have been stories about him abusing steroid treatments to bulk up his muscles, which he has denied later. Altogether one time Oscar Nominee Hugh Jackman is maintaining his reputation in Hollywood as a skilled actor, performer and a friendly family man.

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