A Closer Look At Louis C.K.

Who is Louis C.K.? Louis C.K. is a professional actor, comedian, writer, editor, producer and director. He is popular for his vulgar, self-deprecating, observational and dark humor. He does stand-up comedy and is the director, star, producer, primary director and creator of the drama series popularly known as FX comedy.

Background – He was born in Washington DC, but later relocated to Mexico City. He later moved back to U.S and began his career as a writer for various comedy shows in the 1990s and 2000s. – He wrote for comedians like Chris Rock.- He managed to release his debut album focusing mainly on comedy, in 2001. He has also won numerous awards because of his unique style in comedy and is among some of the best comedians in the world. Career 1.

Writer- His style of writing has been described by many as being frightening and painful. When he wrote for Chris Rock, his work gained a lot of popularity and he was nominated thrice as the best Writing In A Comedy Series. He has also directed and written various films like Tomorrow Night which received mixed reactions from critics.

He began stand-up comedy back in 1989 in a comedy club located in Boston. He wasn't so successful in his first attempt and was discouraged . It took him two years to perform again. – He auditioned in many comedy clubs but wasn't successful. In 1996 a half-hour comedy special was released by HBO and he was able to gain some experience and popularity. He slowly became successful as a stand-up comedian and gained a lot of popularity from his outstanding work. As a  Director, Actor and Writer – He starred in various series as the director, star and writer. – He worked for FX and came up with a series addressing experiences of an aging ,divorced father. His notable scandal was allegations of sexual misconduct to his friend. – Jason who was his friend aired out his grievances against Louis C.K. He signed it as a former fan.

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