Nude Chris Hemsworth Revealed


This Australian bad boy is constantly on the news tabloids lately and we don't mind because his gorgeous face is insanely attractive. He's got the manly man's look that everyone gets sweaty over – how can you not? He's got a deathly combination of sexy and handsome with his to die for bone structure and his extremely fit body that makes our hearts explode. To see him naked just makes our blood boil.

He is best known for playing the beast of a man, Thor, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Films – The Avengers. His character Thor is the role he played that got his Chris Hemsworth fan base growing. Who doesn't want a super hero man to save them and then make love to? UGHHH! We are obsessed with this man! 

His exploding stardom is just the start for Chrissy boy. We know eventually he is going to make big moves in the hollywood industry and his looks are certainly something that is going to help him. 

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