The Sexy Jeff Bridges With His Pants Down

Jeff Bridges does have a more noteworthy physical appearance than most people realize. You have to realize that he is famous for roles like the Big Lebowski, but Bridges had to get in shape for this type of role. He does have a wash board stomach when he needs one for a role, but he can also become a fat hippie when it is truly necessary. Bridges has always been willing to work with directors, this may be part of the reason why scandals; or potential scandals about his personal life do not get out there.

Bridges has been able to morph his body, he can definitely change his persona as well. Just look at the rugged nature of his character in the film "There Will Be Blood." People might criticize Jeff Bridges for telling people to eat healthy when it is financially difficult for them to do so, but Bridges can find a way to build different websites as well in order to promote that healthy lifestyle. He has done a number of ads for a web design firm, which means that even kids that just pay attention to computer know who Jeff Bridges is.

If you can be movies like Fisher King with Robin Williams for example, that is going to make you famous. It is difficult to recall any major scandal that would dim the fame that Bridges built. A movie like Iron Man is constantly going to keep him in the mind of a younger audience. You can note the fact that Jeff Bridges has been in films off and on since the 1950's His brother Beau is also an actor, so this may help with his fame. The film Somebody Killed Her Husband from 1978 tends to stick in people's minds as well. Criticizing his films is something that Bridges embraces, he enjoys when people are analytical with their criticism.

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