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Ben Whishaw – The name might not ring a bell for many but once you know he is the geeky Q in James bond's sky fall, you will approve with a reassuring smile. This English actor has come a long way with his stellar performances in many movies, television and also theater. He has worked with Judy Dench and other senior actors par excellence and has established his acting powers. His personal life too has been an open book for his fans as he entered a civil relationship with Australian composer Mark Bradshaw. He is indeed quite an achiever for his age.

With such a name and fame at an young age, Ben Whishaw has not only acquired fans but also notorious basher. He has been quite open and optimistic about him being gay and has expressed how those days were stressful for him when he decided to come open about his love life. He has also openly condemned people about interfering too much in his private space where they were ridiculing him in public. He wished his fans would respect him for his roles and not bother him too much for what he did in his private life.

Ben Whishaw is known for his stage role in and as Hamlet, television series like Nathan barley, Criminal Justice, London Spy and film roles like Perfume, the lobster, the danish girl, sky fall and spectre. The Photo leak scandalFans of this young actor and he himself went for a shock when his nude photos were leaked from his mobile phone through celebrity gossip websites. He has taken this sensitive issue to the FBI. A celebrity magazine defended their publishing of the photos stating that it was in sheer public interest they had done so. This has also revealed that Ben has clicked the photos at Louvre museum and this proves his secret interest in fine arts and nude photography.With creating a wild sensation with his performance, Ben has been a trending topic for his bold and beautiful nude photos as well since the day of leak.

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