The Always Hot Kevin Kline Exposed


Unlike other personalities who have had their careers boosted by continued controversy Kevin Kline has had his boosted by his ability to balance both his personal and career life. The 68 year old American is a stage and film actor, comedian and singer. He has been nominated for various accolades many of which he has emerged as the obvious winner. Able to impress both admirers and critics in equal measure, Kevin Kline is nothing short of a living legend.

His career began in 1972 on stage under the wing of The Acting Company. He won two Tony awards; one in 1978 for his role in the musical In the Twentieth Century and a second in 1981 as the Best Actor in the musical The Pirates of Penzance. His debut on screens was in the film Sophie's Choice where he was nominated by BAFTA awards as the most outstanding newcomer actor. This set the stage for the his career which has turned out to be a great success. The popularity of this actor in show biz can probably be attributed to his strong character and admirable personality. Kevin Kline has remained married to Phoebe Cates since 1989 proving that celebrity life is not doomed to an endless string of loveless marriages.

In 2004 he was awarded the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Humanitarian award for his active role in fighting juvenile diabetes. Kevin Kline's filmography features 53 films, 24 of which have been nominated for awards and 8 of these have won. This figure is something of an enigma in show biz because his profile is unmatched. If there is any proof that actors can become successful in their careers without decorating them with scandals then Kevin Kline is the center stage. The flock of entertainers that feel the incessant to spark controversy in show biz can learn something from this figure. The key to success is not turning into a cliche but rather branding oneself into a unique personality.

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