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I know you’re all, similar to, so TOTALLY freaking out in light of the fact that Ian Somerhalder is professedly single. Yes, on the off chance that you missed a week ago’s real bomb: Ian and long-term sweetheart Nina Dobrev separated. It’s similar to all that we once thought about vampire flawlessness is presently … Destroyed!

Well get this – sources are stating that the enormous breakup is on the grounds that Ian cheated on Nina. Ian … a cheater?! Be that as it may, Nina’s so delightful. What’s more, I thought Ian was, similar to, great? The man does crazy measures of philanthropy work, and he has those impeccable EYES! I feel as though my reality is disintegrating around me.

Alright, I’m up the creek without a paddle here. Professedly companions of the pair are stating that Ian might have committed a noteworthy error and Nina can’t excuse him. Hell, on the off chance that it’s actual, I can’t point the finger at her. Cheating in a relationship is one of the hardest things somebody in adoration will ever manage.

The hardest part is that it’s not care for you can simply flick a switch and quit thinking about somebody, particularly somebody you adore. When somebody cheats in a relationship yet wouldn’t like to end things, you’re both in a pitiful position. Both people need to question why did this happen? What will this change for us? What’s more, potentially the most noticeably awful one of all: Is the thing that we had recently not adequate any longer?

I would say – I’ve found that somebody who cheats with you or on you is more than liable to do it once more. Certainly, there are unique cases. I have an incredible companion who has been in her relationship for a long time now, yet her sweetheart cheated after year one. Without a doubt, it took them an opportunity to recover that trust back, yet once they did, they were brilliant. Before long they’ll get connected with and I have no doubt they’ll spend whatever remains of their lives in a cheerful, delighted, submitted relationship.

So yes, it’s situational. Unmistakably if Ian cheated, it’s something that Nina doesn’t think she can get over, and hey, that is OK. In any case, if Ian’s genuinely back available, then he better watch out: I know a modest bunch of ladies myself who wouldn’t see any problems a date.

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