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Richard Armitage is a famous British actor who has starred in a number of famous movies. Among the movies Richard Armitage has starred in are The Hobbit, Into the Storm, the Spooks, The First Avenger, Captain America and NBC’s Hannibal. Richard Crispin Armitage was born in Leicestershire in England on the twenty second day on August in 1971. He has acted since 1988.

Acting style

Richard Armitage thinks like most other people do – he is a method actor. He acts mainly by belief rather than pretense. He is passionate about his work and admits that he does make full diaries of the characters he plays and has at times dreamt of the characters he has played. Armitage says that he looks to find an antihero within him whenever he is given the chance of playing the hero.

As an actor, Richard Armitage definitely has his own trademark. Of all his characteristics- you will most easily identify Richard Armitage from his baritone voice. This baritone voice has enabled him to work as a perfect voice actor for about ten years now.

Physical Attributes of Richard Armitage

Richard is blessed with great ability and versatility in his acting. However, his acting prowess is enhanced even more by his physique. Among the great actors physical attributes are:

· Deep and earthy voice

· Very mobile face – amazing mobility

· Big and very elegant hands

· Tall stature

· Agility and grace while performing fighting scenes, riding horses, playing instruments or even singing.

· Kindness, good-heartedness, humble and hard-working.

Definitely, as you can see for yourself, this amazing actor is also very attractive physically.

Richard Armitage Scandals

Richard happened to be the victim in a scandal where his personal pictures including nudes were posted on several celebrity websites went viral. This has happened to many other celebrities in recent times but perhaps the case of Mr. Armitage was an overhyped one. It is probable that you might only have heard of Richard following this scandal especially if you aren’t a fan of movies as such.

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