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Nick Jonas Admits He Has No Problem Showing Off His Body

At the debut of his very anticipated new DirecTV arrangement Kingdom Wednesday night, the super-provocative 22-year-old artist opened up about stripping down and getting exposed for some lumpy intimate moments in the appear. “I did pretty much everything in the show but frontal,” the hunky performing artist told E! News only, including, “So you’ll see essentially every edge of me. Better believe it, it’s a considerable measure!”

In any case, would Jonas ever given it a chance to all hang out by doing full-frontal nudity before the camera?! “Never say never,” he dished. “In the event that the craftsmanship required it and it was a part I felt truly dedicated to and like I needed to run there with it, I would do whatever it takes to recount the story.”

While we make an effort not to swoon at the considered Mr. Jonas in the buff, we asked the previous Jonas Brothers band mate if his better half Olivia Culpo ever gets desirous of him showing off his body on camera or in hot photograph shoots. He said: “Provided that this is true, she’s really cool, quiet and gathered about it,” he let us know. “She’s extraordinary. We have a decent framework with one another about those things. What’s more, there is a component that we sort of need to provide for the world outside of our little air pocket together, and it’s about sort of characterizing what those lines are and going from that point.”

At Wednesday night’s Kingdom debut, Jonas additionally opened up about which hot Hollywood hunk he really likes. “Daniel Craig!” he let us know. “That is my man smash without a doubt. Daniel Craig. He’s James Bond. He’s the best.” He also said, “I’m a gigantic James Bond fan,” Jonas proceeded. “I believe he’s a rebel and I think he slaughtered it in every one of his motion pictures. Me and every one of my mates, he’s our fellow.”

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