Michael J. Fox Shows His Bare Ass

Michael J. Fox is pretty much scandal free. He is an accomplished actor that tends to really have the attention and love of middle America. The biggest scandal he may have had in recent years would be when he told Taylor Swift to stop showing interest in his son. We were all afraid that The Back to the Future star would catch the wrath of many Taylor Swift fans. Michael J. Fox is a fairly short guy. He would joke and say that he is short because he is Canadian. Fox wants to spend most of his advocating for different non-profits and healthcare issues. Michael J. Fox was extremely successful on Family Ties.

He was very good as Michael P. Keaton, that young conservative who loved Ronald Reagan. His father on the show, and lifelong friend Michael Gross was extremely high on Fox’s performance on the show and has said he knew Michael would be a very good actor for a very long time.There are so many people out there that also remember the controversy that Michael J. Fox went through with Rush Limbaugh, when Limbaugh said that Fox was exaggerating his disease in order to further the cause of political candidates that Fox wanted to see get elected.

Obviously, this is a situation where Fox is definitely going to win the argument. You knew that once Fox was going to be able to prove that he wasn’t faking the severity of his health issues that this controversy would be over on his end.Fox’s recent attempt at a sitcom comeback on NBC failed, but many people blame this on the fact that NBC kept changing the air time for the show. He has been able to find success on the show, The Good Wife however. Fox appears to play a fairly aggressive attorney on the show.

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