Channing Tatum Strips Down And Gets Nude

MMMMMMMMM! MMMMMMMMM! Channing Tatum is one of the hottest American actors and models in this generation. Women everywhere have been drooling over him ever since the movie Step Up was released in 2006 – his manly features caught the attention of people all over the place. This sexy dude was born in Alabama, but grew up in good ole Mississippi- yes, that’s right, he’s a southern gentlemen as well, ladies! ┬áHe claims to have grew up in a rural are where he chased snakes and hungout with aligators – a boy’s boy.

Channing well built body came from all the sports he played growing up. He said he loved football, soccer, track and baseball. This star athlete was super popular and has had ladies after him his whole life. He actually got a football scholarship in West Virginia, but he ended up disliking the time and energy football asked of him and stopped pursuing that dream.

Mr. Tatum ended up moving to Orlando, Florida where he was casted in Ricky Martin’s video “She Bangs” and later on signed with a modeling agency that gave him his start. After that he started getting into small acting roles, and that set the foundation that brought him to the big stage where he is now.

It’s undeniable that Channing’s super sexy hot looks is what opened the door for his constant success today. Luckily for us, his hot body has been nude all over the internet these days. Check out this post below.

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